Sustainability – Smart Growth

“Smart Growth” – Planning a New World Order

With euphemisms such as “Smart Growth” and “Sustainability”, Whatcom County and City of Bellingham have both joined ICLEI, which is an international organization committed to the goals of the United Nations’ climate protection policies and Agenda 21. ICLEI requires member governments to commit to global “milestones” through resolutions and other ordinances. Our taxes have been paying for this “membership” for years.

ICLEI asks local governments to change the behavior and consumption habits of the citizens in their jurisdictions. Bellingham and Whatcom County have been following through on this commitment. The departments of both governments have been planning and developing regulations without our knowledge or consent to meet these international goals.

Is this the first you’ve heard about it? Here’s an important article from The Freedom Foundation that describes what’s going on in communities across America – the same thing is going on right here, right now:


Americans that read Agenda 21 are outraged—and rightfully so. Even a quick glimpse of Agenda 21 and the most casual observer will recognize it as socialist engineering. Its strongest critics call it planned genocide.

Agenda 21 was unveiled at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, in Rio de Janeiro on June 13, 1992. The Rio conference was known as the Earth Summit. Since then the United Nations convened in Johannesburg at the 2002 Earth Summit. And they plan to gather again in Rio for the 2012 Earth Summit.

The purpose of Agenda 21 is to create policy that protects the global environment.

It’s stunning, however, how broad Agenda 21 is—and how it aims to control all aspects of society—using the excuse of protecting the environment. If Karl Marx was asked to author a global planning document, it very may well have looked like Agenda 21.

How broad is Agenda 21? There are 40 chapters and they are divided into 4 main sections. (Continue reading…)

Whatcom County joined in 2006, and has paid $7,750.00 in dues since 6/30/06. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Whatcom County has poured at least three quarters of a million dollars into non-profits and non-government organizations (NGOs) in support of ICLEI milestones.

In 2007 Whatcom County committed the public to generating 10% less greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 than what we generated in 2001. There is no question that the county government knew what they were doing: (Read the 2007 resolution that adopted the 2020 emissions goals…) (Read the complete 64-page plan…).

In 2007, the City of Bellingham made the same commitment – it’s on the same mission to engineer the behavior of city residents by a variety of public works projects, regulations, building codes, fees, ordinances, mandates and inducements.

The only way ICLEI milestones can be met are to “encourage” people, through planning and regulations, to work near where they live, promote public transit and to walk as much as possible. Our local government is already promoting and supporting some businesses over others. A large amount of local tax money is being funneled into organizations to bring businesses into line with these goals.

It all sounds warm and fuzzy, but truth be told this governance is taking away our individual rights one by one – and quickly. In essence, our local, state and national governments are ceding authority to an unelected external body. Do we really want to abandon 230 years of self-determination?

The Whatcom Tea Party supports the conservation and preservation of our environmental resources. However, we are very concerned about this constitutional end-run, deliberately hidden in plain view, being implemented without the fully informed consent of the governed. Isn’t it preferable to protect our natural resources without forfeiting our natural rights?