Whatcom Tea Party Education Programs

Constitutional Knowledge Bowl

Are you smarter than a sixth grader? Find out at our annual Constitutional Knowledge Bowl, February 25, 2017, sponsored by the Whatcom County Citizens for Freedom. What were the Federalist Papers? What was James Madison famous for? Thomas Jefferson? Learn about some fabulous Ben Franklin quotes!

Register your team! In a game show format, student teams answer questions from the quiz master. Find out why the Constitution is still considered a model for good government worldwide, as we help the next generation learn about the American form of government.

Teams attend from schools all over Whatcom County. Support your kids’ teams! Watch and learn! Local businesses donate prizes for the top contenders.

The Rome Grange has generously provided their facility for the past two years.

Register Your Team

We are currently taking applications for the 2017 WCCF Constitutional Knowledge Bowl. Download the forms using the links below. You can download the forms either as a document you can print out from Microsoft Word, or as a document you can print out from Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

Print out the forms, fill them out and mail them to the address indicated in the forms.

  • Deadline for mailing application: November 15, 2016 Team Fee: $35.00
  • Late Application deadline: January 28, 2017 Team Fee: $40.00

The Contest will begin promptly at 1:30 pm. on February 25, 1917 at the Rome Grange Hall on Bakerview Road. Contestants should arrive by 1:15 pm in the downstairs hall. The public portion of the contest will begin at 2:00 pm in the upper hall.

Scholarship Program

ConstitutionScroll2015 is the first year the Whatcom County Citizens for Freedom (WCCF) have offered our Constitutional Awareness Scholarship for Higher Education.

Scholarships are awarded to graduating Whatcom County High School seniors, to be used toward payment of their higher education costs. For 2015, each scholarship has a value of $1000.00. These scholarships are awarded to the top two written essays submitted to the WCCF Education Committee. Students in 2015 had a choice of two questions:

  1. Should the size of the federal government be reduced? If so, what actions(s) would you recommend to effectively reduce the size of government and return it closer to what was envisioned by our founders?
  2. Should the federal deficit be reduced? If so, what solution(s) would you recommend be implemented to make significant reductions of the federal deficit without raising taxes to increase revenue?

Students are instructed to state their position, and develop the chosen topic with significant and relevant facts. They must present arguments for and against the chosen position, and provide a concluding statement with reasons supporting their position, and explain its beneficial effect. The essay length is to be 1,000 ~ 2,000 words in length.

And the 2015 winners are …

  • Tyler Caseria from Sehome High School
  • Macallan Thorndike from ST Paul’s Academy

Congratulations to you both, and best of luck in your future endeavors!