Previous Events

Here are some previous Whatcom Tea Party events in pictures.

Flag Day 2013 on I-5

This was the fifth year we covered the overpasses on I-5 from Blaine to Alger.

We have not seen this level of feedback in years past.  Many people would hold the wheel with their knees as they enthusiastically waved with both hands.  Many people saluted us.  Others saluted us with the raised fist of solidarity.  Way more truck drivers responded this time, including every one of the several UPS drivers.  Public bus drivers and ambulance drivers also gave positive responses.

The two hours was up before we knew it. Several of us stayed an extra hour just because the response was so great. It sounds strange to say it, but we were having fun.

Flag Day 2012 on I-5

Once again, our goal was to have flags flying from every I-5 overpass from Blaine to Alger on Flag Day, June 14.

No end of fun!, People loved the costumes as usual. Very enthusiastic response! And a lot of, (probably military people), saluted us.

We had practically all of the overpasses covered for the entire time, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. We want to thank everyone who showed up, and we especially want to thank Joan Hansen, who has spearheaded this rally every year.

Flag Day 2011 on I-5

Our goal was to have flags flying from every I-5 overpass from Blaine to Alger on Flag Day, Tuesday, June 14. Everyone who participated said the response from motorists was very positive and enthusiastic.

Flag Day 2010 on I-5

Patriots gathered on every overpass over I-5 from Blaine to Vancouver WA for the second annual Flag Day celebration. The Whatcom Tea Party terrorized Whatcom County with smiles and American flags, waving at passing motorists.

People were obviously having fun out there. Thanks to Joan and Steve Hansen for organizing this event.

Flag Day 2009 on I-5

The goal for the flag day celebration was to have people waving flags from every overpass on I-5 from Blaine to Portland. Here are some photos of happy participants.

They report very positive reactions by drivers and passers-by. Honks and waves, even from our friends from north of the border with the Canadian license plates!