We are Not a Political Party

We are a local group of grass roots, independent, non-partisan people who just want to stop the corruption and restore constitutional government. We receive no government grants, we get no funding from any national organization, we get no support from the Koch brothers, or any other reviled institutions or individuals. Every dime comes from generous contributions by local individuals and businesses.

The Whatcom Tea Party is dedicated to educating people of all ages about the principles of good government, as described in the Owner’s Manual for the United States Government, also known as the U.S. Constitution.

If we’re not a political party, why do we call ourselves the Tea Party? Well, it’s from a rant by CNN Correspondent Rick Santelli in 2008 about the stimulus package. Watch this:

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Our 3rd Annual Constitutional Knowledge Bowl

The Whatcom County Citizens for Freedom (a.k.a., The Whatcom Tea Party) held our third annual Constitutional Knowledge Bowl, February 27, 2016 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm.


The team from Cornerstone Christian School, Lynden, Julie van Driel, Katelyn Berends and Shanna Leyenhorst were the winners of the third annual Constitutional Knowledge Bowl.

All the contestants had navigated a challenging course of both quick  and more  complex questions, composed a spontaneous short essay concerning national debt, and delivered a prepared three minute speech on the subject of equality.

Following closely after the Cornerstone  team were the home school teams Laura and Ryan Gray, and Marshall and Wiley Kirk.   Judges awarded points for context and presentation.

The audience were invited to  participate by judging the final round, which was separate from the overall points total. The questions were of a degree of  difficulty, stumping the adults at times.

The best part is that everyone comes away having learned and having a better  understanding of this excellent  document which we call our Constitution. To all the contestants, we salute your courage in tackling the tough questions and giving your best effort.

Grateful thanks go to coach and quizmaster Hugh Foulke, retired teacher and historian, and to Mike Hudson the master of ceremonies. Thanks to many generous sponsors for donations for the prizes, and to the Rome Grange for making their facility available for the event.

“A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.” ~ James Madison


People sometimes ask how they can contribute to the Whatcom Tea Party. You can do it electronically, by clicking the orange “Donate” button at the top right of every page, or if you prefer not to contribute electronically, you can send your check made out to

Whatcom County Citizens for Freedom (or WCCF for short)
4004 Cedarbrook Ct.
Bellingham, Wa 98229

Your generous donations make everything you see here, possible. Consider it an investment in good government.

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cup of teaThe Hot Tea page is where you’ll find all the latest news and information about the Whatcom Tea Party, and anything else that we think might interest you.

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Theme 2016: Just Show Up! (Just keep showing up!)

Whatcom-squareWe heard on the radio that the 2012 election turned out the way it did because 4 million classical liberals (that’s us) failed to show up. That’s a problem. Let’s not do that again in 2016.

To help solve the problem, the Whatcom Tea Party 2013 theme was, Just Show Up! You saw that tag line in our literature, and at our events. Well, it is so important, we decided to keep it.

Show up where? At Whatcom Tea Party events of course! But also at city and county council, boards and commission meetings, the list goes on… You don’t even have to say anything, Just Show Up! Government officials, just knowing they’re being watched, change their behavior.

It’s easy to get on a first name basis with your local reps. Think about it: They can’t represent our point of view if they don’t even know we exist!

If you really want to show up, run for office! It’s not for everyone, but one on the council is worth 200 in the bush.

Liberty is…

Liberty is more fun, more demanding and more rewarding. Got liberty?


What Part of “Infringe” Don’t They Understand?

Webster’s dictionary defines infringe: to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another. The US and Washington State constitutions frequently use the term “infringe” in regards to the actions of government on its citizens — saying it may not.

Infringement burdens and frustrates rights. You know it when you feel it. Making voters take a test or pay a fee would frustrate or burden their right (ability) to vote. Forcing us to pass what we write or say before a political correctness board would burden and frustrate our First Amendment right to free speech. Taxing and regulating legal things or activities to the point that nobody can afford them, such as building permits, French fries, soft drinks, tobacco, or limiting the Second Amendment right to bear arms burdens and frustrates those rights.

Rights are not something you need, they’re something you have. You have the right to speak truth to power. You have the right to self-preservation, self-defense. You have all the rights you were born with, whether or not someone else thinks you need them at this time, and whether or not you should choose to exercise them. They’re yours at birth: no government can grant them, therefore, no government can rightfully take them away.

The role of government is to protect our rights, using the specific powers that We the People grant to it. Infringement is the exact opposite of government’s rightful role: a major malfunction and gross malpractice.

The Second Amendment has been in the news a lot lately, with people saying it is anachronistic; no longer needed. But repealing the Second Amendment would not take away the right to keep and bear arms – as The Tenth Amendment affirms. Not everyone has what it takes to exercise their Second Amendment right. That’s a personal choice. Just don’t think you can deny it to the rest of us. That would be infringement.

The Book Every Tea Partier Should Read

The Debt Bomb: A Bold Plan to Stop Washington from Bankrupting America is written by Sen. Tom A. Coburn M.D. and John Hart. From the Book Description on Amazon,

In a nation whose debt has outgrown the size of its entire economy, the greatest threat comes not from any foreign force but from Washington politicians who refuse to relinquish the intoxicating power to borrow and spend. Senator Tom Coburn reveals the fascinating, maddening story of how we got to this point of fiscal crisis-and how we can escape. [emphasis mine — ed.] (Continue reading…)

Every tea partier should read this book, to understand why elections are so critically important, and why it is imperative to send more tea party candidates to Washington, D.C., and to your state house.

This isn’t a Republican vs. Democrat issue. As the book points out, both parties are responsible for getting us into this mess, and just as responsible for finding the courage (and/or the candidates) to get us out.

The hardcover edition is about $15.00, or you can download it to your Kindle for $12.00, and be reading it in under a minute.

How to Destroy America

If you wanted to destroy America, what would you do? Try oppression!

The one thing people really seem to have a problem coming to grips with, is the fact that the free market is better at protecting the environment than anything else we’ve tried. A quick tour of the planet proves it.

Job One: Keeping Them Honest

People frequently ask, “How can I help?” Aside from your generous donations that keep this website on the air, and helps the Whatcom Tea Party sponsor other events — the politicians in Washington, D.C. know that most people are preoccupied with work and family activities. We need you to keep them honest. Don’t let them out of your sight for a moment. They need to hear from you.

We have provided the following list of news organizations to help you stay abreast of political developments. As you read the news articles, please consider, “Which article of the Constitution gives government the authority to do that?” You should find no shortage of material to discuss with your elected public servants:

National sources:

Local sources:


We the People must contact our public servants early and often, on every issue that concerns us, and let them know what we think, with constitutionally-based arguments.

The Question That Every Politician Must Answer

When you contact them, please, always remember to ask, “Which article of the Constitution gives you the authority to do that?” Encourage everyone you know to ask the same question. Encourage bloggers, and reporters in the mainstream media to ask the same question. Write letters to the editor asking the same question. We need this question to “go viral” nationwide.

If more and more people started asking this question, most of our worst political problems, in all branches and at all levels of government would go away by themselves, almost overnight. When a reporter asked Nancy Pelosi that question about the health care bill, her response was, “Are you serious?” Well, we are serious, and politicians should be afraid to step out of their offices without a credible answer to that question. It is the only “litmus test” that we need.

It really takes so little effort, that it is at least worth a try. The beauty of it is, this really should appeal to honest people from anywhere on the political spectrum.